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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Library. Come Celebrate

Join us all day on
September 26, 2009
as we celebrate with
Music, Poetry, Spoken Word event,
An Art Fashion Show and
Free Refreshments!
11:30 am -- The festivities begin with a performance by musician, Mark Salona and singer Pam Wyman
12:00 noon – The Friends of the Miramar Library will sponsor refreshments and will be recruiting new members in the lobby!
1:00 pm -- A special Poetry, Spoken word event featuring a panel of our best artists. Come and enjoy the performances of Anastasia Clark,
Paul Oliver Bros,
Samantha Cooper,
Aisha McDonald,
Manny Ortega,
Maeva the Artist,
Quincy D. Sands,
Rebecca “Butterfly” Vaughns
Mr. Wispers.

3:30 pm — Jika, the artist, will present a fashion show of his latest creations.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


There are currently more than 29 Broward County Library Friends chapters, with some
chapters representing more than one library. In 2005, Friends contributed more than
23,000 hours of their time and received over $329,000 in donations from memberships,
grants, book fairs, gift shops, coffee shops and other events. During the 2004 fiscal year, over
$100,000 was given for program support, $48,000 for staff support, and $53,000 for
materials and equipment.

Opportunities for involvement in Friends group at the Miramar Branch Library are phenomanal.

We currently meet every 3rd Saturday of the month at 11am-12:30pm. Join us and come share your ideas on how we can improve our library!